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May 1st - June 12th, 2020

Decentralized Data, 

Fast Consensus, Breakthrough Ideas

Decentralized applications are going beyond blockchain.

The challenge? Add trusted, high-throughput, fairly ordered data to any application using the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS). Your hackathon project should take advantage of some or all of the following HCS benefits:


In use cases that require strong ordering guarantees like user matching, bidding, or time bound actions use the Consensus Service for transparently connecting the dots.


A decentralized set of computers can tell you an event occurred, who agreed upon it, and when it happened. Ideal for an open API or managing processes that require a central issuing authority, be it a proof of employment or that you uploaded a file.


Ongoing tracking of key events can provide irrefutable audit logs between parties. Beneficial for knowing when a file was accessed, an ad viewed, or a song played.

Prize Pool


$10,000 USD

worth of HBAR


$5,000 USD

worth of HBAR

Hashing Systems will be awarding $3,000 worth of hbar cryptocurrency for the top 4 decentralized applications using the hash-sdk npm package and/or the Composer Browser Extension. 

Divided as follows: 1250, 750, 750, 250


Presented by


$20,000 USD

worth of HBAR

Apply your skills for social good! Solve a key issue around topics like charitable giving, healthcare, climate change, or your own personal passion to help improve society. Each member of the winning team will receive a 3D Printer!


The winning project team will receive 

$5,000 and 2 months of free Tech Help and Support 

from the DragonGlass team to help them prepare for production.

We created DragonGlass to make distributed application development 

simple and fast by providing developers with key tools that they would need, 

namely our complete suite of Hedera Data APIs and realtime Subscription Service*. The possibilities for how to implement these tools are immense,

and for our challenge, we would like to see applications

built that highlight either of these two toolsets.


The winner of the challenge will be the most innovative dApp that highlights the use of DragonGlass APIs or the DragonGlass Subscription Service, so developers participating in any of Hedera’s other challenges can qualify as long as they highlight DragonGlass tools in their solution. We can’t wait to see what you build!

*Please note, when using the realtime subscription service there will be 2 hour delay from creation to when the subscription will start returning data.


Apache Kafka -> Hedera Hashgraph

Create a package to ingest a message from Apache Kafka, and based on some filtering content, push it to Hedera Consensus Service. It should include a way to browse and verify the message in a clean/simple UI. This service could be used by exchanges or other businesses to verify some aspect of their business is real & auditable, directly from internal tools. 

The winner of our challenge will have the chance to work with our dedicated team of specialists and professionals for at least a month that could potentially be extended, taking this idea and turning it into reality! MouseBelt’s goal is to work with the winning team, providing technical guidance and business strategy. Our core objectives may include product-market fit, go to market strategy and development solutions leading to a successful and sustainable business. 


Presented by

Auditability and trust fuels adoption! To qualify for this challenge, build a robust, open source, signing service for Hedera wallets enabling users to prove account/wallet ownership to counterparties, management, and auditors.

Winners will receive pairs of Bose QuietComfort II Headphones!


The Moonpay challenge winner will be the most innovative dApp that utilizes the purchasing power of our “click to buy’ fiat-to-HBAR technology.

 The winning project team will receive $2,000 worth of HBAR cryptocurrency & all participating Hedera 20 dApps that launch on the Hedera mainnet will be awarded a free setup of your MoonPay fiat-to-HBAR payment widget (value of $5,000).


How Do I Participate?

Step 1 - Signup:


  • Register to stay in-the-know about updates. The platform will be open starting April 1st. 
  • Be ready to start working and engaging with mentors when the hackathon opens on
    May 1st. 
  • Signing up alone? BeMyApp will work with you to find a team.
  • If you sign up as a team, you can sign up together and work on the platform through separate user accounts.

  • We hold a 6-week virtual hackathon on the platform you signed up on. Get mentorship, healthcare and industry advice, as well as technical support and resources for your project from Hedera and others.
  • We’ll have webinars and online support to make sure that by week six, you’ll have a proof of concept page to pitch to the panel to be considered as a finalist.

Step 2 - Virtual Hackathon:

May 1 - June 12

Step 3 - Finale Pitches:

June 23

  • After the submission deadline, we select qualifying teams to pitch in front of the judges
  • We'll livestream the pitch session to our global community, and select winners by deliberating in real time
  • The top three winners will receive thousands in HBar and a chance for a 6-Month Accelerator


Brian Gross

Principal Product Manager at

IBM Blockchain Platform

Leemon Baird


Chief Scientist


Ankur Jindal

VP Global Head Corporate Venturing and Innovation 

Tata Communications

Hitarshi Buch

Chief Architect

Blockchain CoE Wipro

Cassandra Vieten, PhD

Executive Director, John W. Brick Foundation

Community Partners